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It is very popular at the moment to ' speed date'. The so called 'Elevator Pitch': you have to tell your business story in 30 seconds, the time your have while standing in an elevator with someone.
Before the elevator stops, you have to have told your story. And in such a manner that the person you addressed will leave the elevator with something on his mind that you've just put there. Maybe you have triggered his interest in you, better even, you have exchanged cards.

An effective elevator pitch should answer the following questions:

  • What is the product?
  • What is its use to the buyer?
  • Who are we?

An elevator pitch can also be done in front of a camera, and be put on your website or can be used at a conference. In our studio, you can prepare your elevator pitch in a relaxed manner, rehearse it and finally film it. Your pitch on film will be ready for your website, tablet pc or dvd.

7 tips for a live elevator pitch...

  1. Keep the number of floors in mind. Elevator pitch means that you have to be able to introduce your service or idea in less then 30 seconds, the time the elevator needs to get to the top floor.

  2. Study the situation and target group.
    Each situation requires its own pitch. Make sure to prepare some specific pitches, alongside your general pitch. Depending on where you are, you can use the appropriate pitch.

  3. Make sure to start powerful and intriguing.
    A brief first part, in which you solve a problem or fill a need. It helps to sell your product or idea.

  4. Pitch the advantages.
    You are not pitching your idea, product or service, you are pitching the advantages of your product, idea or service.

  5. Make it tangible.
    Don't say 'we will install your wireless router for free', but tell them you'll make sure that the wireless internet of brand 'x' works without a problem.

  6. Show your passion.
    Especially investors like to invest in people. Show them your enthusiasm, have the passion burn in your eyes.

  7. Call to action
    Finish your pitch with a so-called ' call to action'.
    Tell them that you will give them a call, Plan a meeting right away, or walk along to their office to continue the conversation.
    Make sure to do that follow-up. If you say you will call to make an appointment, do so within 1-2 days.
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