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Video marketing is hot! Why?

Because Google loves video, and because at least 60% of the people online, including your clients, can be reached with a video on YouTube. Step over that threshold, and get your video marketing started!

What are the advantages of video marketing?

  • Video is quick and easy. To use speech in stead of writing sometimes is easier, and with the right material, your ideas and announcements can be put on the internet very quickly.
  • Video is personal: you contact your clients directly. They get to know you or your organisation in an easy manner.
  • Video makes you traceable. If video is a part of your branding strategy, it will strengthen your online position and increases your traceability.
  • Video shows that you are trustworthy and skilful. You can literally show what you have to offer. You can build on your authority.

Video marketing can be used in many forms of communication. One can choose to make a professional company film or a more simple approach with a hand held camera will suffice. Nobel Films likes to work tailor made, applicable to your situation, making sure that what you show is what your client gets. No more, no less. Authenticity is very important and highly valued.

What are the possibilities of video?

  • Use video to improve the impact of your clients testimonials. The compliments and smiling faces of your ambassadors tell you more then the written word.
  • Use video to get across an important message. You can show your clients how to operate a product, or how you improve your efficiency, or how to solve a neighbourly quarrel.
  • Use video to award your clients with a peak behind your scenes. You can show locations, but also co-workers, who can present themselves in short films of 2 minutes max.

Of course it seems scary to be in the picture, and be shown on YouTube. But once you have crossed that threshold, you will find how rewarding it can be, and how your clients appreciate your message.
These messages can reinforce your marketing communication immensely.


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